Across All Worlds

Across all worlds he came for us
With Father’s passion burning
With strength unknown in Spirit’s fire
He fought for our undoing

What love what care what fearless joy
Has found us in the night
That we may know as He has known
The everlasting light

So awake My child your fear lay down
There’s hope for which you long
The night is day the Son has come
The Father’s heart is strong

© C. Baxter Kruger

This is a poem written by a friend of mine C. Baxter Kruger for his book Across All Worlds released in 2007.

Baxter and I talked about turning this poem into a song, and after a few different arrangements my producer Phil White along with Dave Cleveland came up with this one.

My favorite part in the song is in the last Chorus how it comes down quiet for …awake My child your fear lay down… and then the band kicks in for …there’s hope for which you long…. It just adds a little more emphasis to the depth of the lyrics and my soul breathes out again. There is hope. Christ has come and the plan from before the creation of the world has been accomplished in Him. Hallelujah!

If you are interested in checking out any more of Baxter’s poems or stories check out his website at