Her feet are itching she’s not stayed this long
She gets this far but then tries to move on
She’s ready to run as she’s always done
She wants it over but it has just begun

So let it go fall in His arms
Let it go He’s got you in His hands
Breathe deep and know that He’s proud of you
Let it go fall in His arms
Let it go He’s got you in His hands
Breathe deep and know that He’s proud of you
And live in His love and be, be secure

She’s holding on so tight afraid to let go
She’s got to feel that she’s in control
But as love meets her insecurity
She’ll learn to trust again she’ll learn just how to be

He’s got you He loves you He’ll never leave your side and
He holds you and He knows you no need to run and hide

© 2008 Vanessa Kersting, Daniel Pisulak, Anna Wauchope

I started writing this song for a young woman that I had met. This young woman was at a point in her life that she had never been in before and she was starting to panic and was ready to run away. She had a choice to stay and face everything in her life or keep on running.

The story started out being written for her, but ended up being true of my life as well.

I was a runner. I would get to a point in relationships that would get too close and I would panic. My undoing was when I met someone who didn’t let me run. Who loved me despite all my mess. She is a dear friend who has walked with me over the last few years and still is walking with me.

What I’ve seen in the last few years is that her love has challenged my insecurities and in that freedom and love I can learn to be myself, and learn to trust in relationships.

The beauty was that in them loving me they were able to show me the love of Christ, and the Father. There is nothing that they (Father, Son, Spirit) don’t know about and yet they love me so deeply and passionately. I don’t have to run anymore. As their love gets behind my defenses and penetrates deep into my soul I can let it go, trust and learn to be myself. Knowing that there is nothing deeper than Jesus and I can fall into the safety of the eternal embrace of love.

Thanks to Daniel Pisulak and Anna Wauchope for helping me edit the lyrics to the song.