Never Alone

I know you’re standing on unfamiliar ground
I know you’re searching for that all familiar sound
know I am with you always 

I see you breathe deep for the courage that you need
I know you try to be strong but you’re feeling so weak
know I am with you always

you are My beloved child
the apple of My eye
I know you feel alone
and you think you’re on your own
but you are beautiful to Me
if you could only see
you’re part of Me
you are never alone

I see you crying in the middle of the night
I see you fall apart when you think everyone’s out of sight
know I am with you always

when you think your life’s undone
and you’ve nowhere left to run
feel My arms around you holding you so tight
when you start to feel afraid
and your courage starts to fade
no matter where you are I’m always right here

you are never alone oh I’m with you
you are never alone oh I’m with you
you are never alone

© 2008 Vanessa Kersting

Back in 2005 I headed off on my first trip overseas to the USA. I was going to visit with friends and see a couple of concerts. I was really looking forward to it but it didn’t quite turn out as planned.

On the flight to the US I got food poisoning. I spent my first night in LA hospital with follow up doctors appointment in Little Rock. The day I was meant to be heading to Jackson Mississippi, Hurricane Katrina hit. I flew to Nashville and was under tornado watches and warnings. Got bitten by a tic, got Rocky Mountain spotted fever and a car I was in partly fell in a ditch.

All of this happened in just over 2 weeks. The whole time I was spinning not knowing what to do and not knowing how to explain to anyone what was going on.

Towards the end of the trip I could hear these lyrics being sung to me. I started writing them down and they gave me such comfort for the flight home. Even though I was on the other side of the world far, far from home and what was familiar to me, I was never alone. We are never separated from Christ whether we are at home with our friends and family or miles away. If we are in Him and He in us (John 14:20), He is with us always, holding us together. Christ IS with us. We are never alone.