O Hear The Word

o hear the word declared to you as He became a man
the Father’s passion ceases not for His eternal plan
wake up and see the time is full the great exchange has come
the Son of God stands in our place the Father’s will is done 

o look and see the ancient Son though rich became so poor
with our own poverty He fought and blow by blow endured
wake up and see His painful wealth for this He came to be
the treasure of the Triune life in our humanity

o see our awful flesh embraced by Him who dwells on high
He plunged into our darkness to bring the light of life
wake up and see amazing grace in flesh the Father known
to share with us within our reach the life that is His own

o Spirit grant with unveiled face that we this man would see
and know His heart and soul and mind and share His victory
inspire our empty hearts to run to this vicarious one
and give us fellowship with Him the Father’s One true Son

© 1992 words by C. Baxter Kruger
© 2008 music by Vanessa Kersting and Mike Rayson

I remember a few years ago I was looking for a song to sing at a Christmas function I was doing and I stumbled across this poem at the end of Baxter Kruger’s book God is For Us. It is such a brilliant poem, and filled with so much depth and richness in the lyrics that I wanted to put some music to it and sing it.

This song is one of my favourite songs espcially verse 3 where it says o see our awful flesh embraced by Him who dwells on high. He plunged into our darkness to bring the light of life. It reminds me that Christ entered our darkness He wasn’t holding anything back, He came in FULL flesh, felt our pain our brokenness and our blindness dived right into the middle of it and brought us home.

The first melody line sounded a lot like o little town of Bethlehem — I guess one of the quirks of writing at Christmas time, but with a little help from Mike we were able to get soemthing a little bit different that people could sing to.

If you haven’t read any of Baxter’s books I would encourage you to look him up. You can check out his blog at www.perichoresis.org or even get the book ‘God is For us’ at this site.